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Mathematical Modeling of Dynamical Systems


Models, as used in modeling and simulation science are a mathematical representation of something—a person, a building, a vehicle, a tree—any object. A model also can be a representation of a process—a weather pattern, traffic flow, air flowing over a wing.

Models are created from a mass of data, equations and computations that mimic the actions of things represented. Models usually include a graphical display that translates all this number crunching into an animation that you can see on a computer screen or by means of some other visual device.


Dynamical Systems

Dynamical systems are physical systems whose state at any given time maybe completely specified by an unknown number of real variables.



A major area of research at the University of Central Florida's | Institute for Simulation and Training (IST) and the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Science (IEMS) is the development of detailed dynamic models to understand and predict the behavior of organisms interacting within a complex environment. Currently these efforts maybe divided into two broad categories, Dynamic Human Behaviors and Behaviors of Biological Systems.


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